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Residential Wind and Solar Systems

Are you considering a renewable energy project?

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Generally speaking, solar modules (comprised of any number of solar cells) run at around 11% efficiency. One manufacturer we use has a greater 14% efficiency. Efficiency is not necessarily a major issue in a smaller installation, but becomes more important as the scale of the system increases. One of the main things to look for in solar is that a product is UL-listed. The process for UL listing ensures a consistent level of quality will be maintained in manufacturing. UL-listed modules are also candidates for grid connection, whereas non-UL listed modules are not. This does not mean that non-UL listed devices are not useable, they are often lower cost and ideal for some off-grid or non-critical applications.

Return on investment (ROI) is always a big buzz word when looking at business-oriented projects. You should be aware that only through Federal or State subsidies are solar packages typically worthwhile in ROI for a smaller application. The overall reason for installing solar must be considered as it is not simply a financial issue. By utilzing a solar array to suppliment or replace your current (typically coal- or fossil fuel-based in origin) source of power for your home, you lower your carbon footprint, helping the environment through reduced production of greenhouse gasses (primarily in the form of CO2). If we all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint we can have a significant impact on air pollution and a very positive impact on our world.


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