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Are you are considering a renewable or alternative energy initiative?

Whether a commercial power generation project, rooftop solar arrays, a wind generation field or simply a small remote monitoring or pumping station, NRG Shift would be happy to help you make an informed decision. We can support you in your technology selection, with a high-level remote assessment or even a full on-site physical assessment to determine where your project should be located. We will be happy to manage your project or initiative either remotely or on-site.

With current rebates that may be available from State and Federal sources, your project may be able to pay early dividends, reducing the cost of your project immediately. We can help you determine whether there are local municipal benefits that can help your company and your project have even greater positive impact on the local community!

Contact NRG Shift to find out how you can positively impact your bottom line, increase ROI and meet your renewable energy objectives. We can provide tested solutions that install quickly and provide minimum interruption in your daily work environment. Best of all, your project can pay dividends with little maintenance for decades! Contact us to find out how we can help you reach the "golden ring" of being a "green aware" company!